About Me

My name is Steven Kollar and I make Games, Websites, Apps, and Software. I first started creating Android apps in 2018 when I was 13 and had found an app called "Sketchware" on the Google Play Store which was basically just a block based coding app like Scratch but was used to actually build and run applications. Using this app I made a bunch of different apps and tools and really started getting into making them until around the next year, or somewhere close to 2020, when the app decided to shutdown.

However the community kept this app alive for a pretty long time afterwards and were making updates the developers were not doing anymore. This kept me occupied for a few years but there was only so much I could do/create with the app when I wanted to do more so I started to get bored of using it Until one day I had ended up finding a video of a youtuber, Dani, who was creating a game using the Unity Game engine.

After watching his video I wanted to try using Unity also so I booted up my old computer and got to work learning actual C# scripting and how the game engine works. Fast forward to now and now I have a decent understanding of C# and how the Unity Engine works. I now also have a few games built with the engine some appearing on Google Play and on Steam.